Nordic patterns and design services

We are the biggest textile design agency and pattern design service provider in Nordics. Our services include coordination of colors, materials, and full pattern collections and concepts. We have a library of 1000+ contemporary ready-made patterns, which enable a quick and smooth service for companies that are looking for unique Nordic patterns with licensing terms.

Editor's Picks

Juicy fruit and berry patterns for kitchen and dining rooms

This time in Editor's Pick you have a chance to get to know our patterns for kitchen and dining rooms. All in trendy Scandinavian style.


Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube!

Are you interested to hear how Patternsfrom Agency operates? As Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube, it is easier than ever to get to know us and our ways of working!


How to commission a designer?

Can't find a suitable pattern in our stock, but are still interested to get a unique, hand-made pattern in Scandinavian style? Fear not - commission a designer!


Fun autumn mood patterns for kids and young minded by Hanna Ruusulampi

Hanna Ruusulampi's pattern family has its inspiration from the autumn color palette picked from rowan berries. Perfect patterns for kids!


Pattern family – a miniature collection

Patterns in the Scandinavian style are great as such, each individually, but as a pattern family, they create combinations that are visually very effective for retail as they collect the attention of people who see them.