Nordic patterns and design services

We are the biggest textile design agency and pattern design service provider in Nordics. Our services include coordination of colors, materials, and full pattern collections and concepts. We have a library of 1000+ contemporary ready-made patterns, which enable a quick and smooth service for companies that are looking for unique Nordic patterns with licensing terms.


Bedding patterns for Univisio

Univisio, was in the need of new bedding patterns with a clear, Nordic twist. We visited them in the town of Jämijärvi to present our collection.

Editor's Picks

Classical patterns in Scandinavian style

We digged the pattern library for classical patterns in Scandinavian style. The Nordic light is one of the concepts we have been using.


Three pattern concepts – classy, lovely and whimsical

We want to help to find our customers to find easily suitable patterns, so we are about to launch the first patterns in our new pattern concepts. Which category the featured image Seitsemän kukkaa by Maria Tolvanen falls into in your opinion?


Helsinki Design Week 2021: Superweek of textile and surface design

Patternsfrom Agency organizes four online events with a focus on textile and surface design during Helsinki Design Week in September 2021.


Patternsfrom Agencyの北欧デザイン

Patternsfrom Agency は世界に誇るテキスタイルデザインを生み出すデザイナーと提携しているデザイン代理店です。デザイナーが考案した北欧デザインをお選びいただき、ご契約者様の製品にご利用いただいております。よろしくおねがいします。