Three pattern concepts – classy, lovely and whimsical

We want to help to find our customers to find easily suitable patterns, so we are about to launch the first patterns in our new pattern concepts. Which category the featured image Seitsemän kukkaa by Maria Tolvanen falls into in your opinion?

Papercut patterns of Miira Zukale

A home textile trend inspired Miira Zukale to study the plants in Finnish forests with the aim to bring them alive as papercut patterns.

License types for pattern designs

How do limited exclusive, semi-exclusive, and global exclusive license types for pattern designs differ at Patternsfrom Agency?

Graphic and colorful patterns of Spring in the city by Nonodd Design Studio

These graphic and colorful patterns are designed by Nonodd Design Studio. They are available for licensing around the world.

Try out our Creative pitch -service!

Creative pitch -service is great for companies that know what they are looking for. Our pattern library has patterns fitting your needs!

Nature-themed patterns by Noora Hattunen

This time you have a chance to get to know nature-themed patterns by Noora Hattunen. Actually, you get to step into her daydream at Olavinlinna castle, built in the 15th century.

2 years as a textile design agency!

Patternsfrom Agency is the biggest textile design agency and pattern design service provider in the Nordics. Pretty good for a two-year-old, huh?

Grayscale pattern designs by Ilana Vähätupa

Ilana Vähätupa’s close-to grayscale pattern designs are inspired by nature: stones, rocks, callunas, and lichens.

Osta Työtä Suomeen -päivä 4.12.2020

Osta Työtä Suomeen -päivä tarjoaa erinomaisen mahdollisuuden tehdä sinivalkoisia valintoja ja valinnoilla vaikuttaa työpaikkojen määrään Suomessa.