5 reasons for working with a design agency

Published: 15/02/2022

There are plenty of textile designers and surface design studios out there offering patterns for numerous companies. In this post, we sum up the advantages that you gain when working with a design agency.


1. Guaranteed talent and performance

By no doubt, there is plenty of creativity out there! Generally speaking, agencies, such as Patternsfrom Agency, get contacts from designers on a weekly basis wishing the agencies to represent them. There is much more talent coming in than the agencies can accept. Designers who are promoted by agencies or have ended up on an agent’s roster have gone through some serious screenings regarding their professionalism, reliability, and overall performance. This is a guarantee for the customer that the represented designers know different production techniques, they know industry standards and they can create and coordinate appealing collections.


2. Several designers create a variety

An agency has a pool of talent as well as patterns for different purposes: one designer is good with abstract patterns, the other with flowers, third with patterns for juniors. There are patterns for interior textiles, wallpapers, stationery, fashion, etc. You name it! There are patterns for digital printing, rotation printing, flat screen printing, etc. You name it! If a buyer is in a hurry to find the last patterns for a collection, agencies can usually help in a very short period of time. Besides its online portfolio for ready-made patterns, Patternsfrom Agency has also a digitalized pattern library with 1000+ patterns to be licensed. Try out our Design pitch service with any pattern request! We can guarantee short delivery times.


3. Clear roles, terms, and pricing

An agency usually consists of people who design as well as people who are more business-oriented. The business-minded ones love to encounter customers, listen to their challenges, and sell solutions. They know about general business practices of the industry and understand the importance of contracts between designers and customers. In the case of Patternsfrom Agency, there are nine creative designers as well as two agents and one market representative as the business people. Us agents are not shy in contacting potential customers, neither do we have any personal relations with the objects that we sell, the patterns. We listen and understand the needs of the buyers, and can offer solutions.

As there are no industry standards, each pattern design is sold with the terms and price that the designer individually sets. Let us tell you, there is great variation in them! An agency has clear terms and clear pricing for all designers that it represents, so you can feel safe and comfortable with stable business terms.


4. Saving both buyer’s and designers’ time

As an agency represents several designers at one time, buyers do not need to invest so much time in meeting designers and evaluating their styles and terms. An interesting, coherent, and big enough portfolio attracts several buyers, even though they wouldn’t be interested in the same exact designer. This is of course just one of the reasons, however, a very important one: usually, a business meeting takes something between one to two hours. Imagine, as a buyer, you could see the portfolio of over ten designers in just one hour’s meeting?

An agency saves also designers’ time. As the designers are allowed to concentrate on creativity, they don’t need to worry about the exhausting business negotiations, terms, and pricing that they do not feel confident about.


5. Cost-efficient pricing for patterns

As the roles are clear and as the agencies provide services around the world, they are able to find sustainable, cost-efficient solutions for pattern designing services.


Do you agree with the above points? If you have experience working with independent freelancers only, why not try out working with a design agency for discovering if these claims are true!