A deadline is a deadline

Published: 22/02/2017

Deadline is approaching and the flow of work is hiding somewhere far away and over the rainbow? This situation is more common among the creatives than you think, also among the designers of Patternsfrom Agency.

But hey, that is why there are agreements and deadlines. We discuss with our customers about the project as a whole, the specific pattern needs, and get to work as soon as the project is clear. We take each and every pattern request seriously, and offer first-class project management what comes to pattern designing. Our customers will have new, original patterns designed from the scratch within three week’s time from the moment the brief is clear.

We live in a hectic world there people and businesses are well connected with each other. There are plenty of talented freelance workforce available ready to be recruited to fill the missing skills and visions for various projects. Our aim is to be the preferred partner what comes to pattern designing, despite of the heavy competition in the field. We understand why the deadlines are set and the reasons why they must be met.

There are people who get their work done well before it is needed, and then there are people who get things done in the last minute. Which group do you belong to?