Abstract patterns by Maria Tolvanen

Published: 24/08/2020

The playful and versatile pattern family Huhtikuu is a great sample of the abstract patterns by Maria Tolvanen. Its possible uses range from clothing to stationery and children’s textiles.

Finnish nature and the four seasons are a constant source of creative ideas to Maria. She is particularly inspired by the changes in the light and the physical nature. The inspiration for the Huhtikuu pattern family came from Finnish spring weather, which is changeable to say the least. In the morning there can be frost and afternoon the tulips open their flowers.

Maria starts her design process by drawing or painting the pattern by hand, always. Alut pattern was inspired by frost on a cold window. The pattern went through many stages of sketching and many changes before reaching its final form as a spring-like pattern. The inspiration for the Sateet pattern came from watching snow and rain fall outside the window. We have plenty of that in Finland.

Takatalvi pattern gets inspiration from the transition from winter to spring. The round, asymmetrical shapes in the pattern reminisce chunks of snow falling amidst the verdancy of the spring – a sight not that unusual in the Finnish April.

“Hope you have as much fun using these patterns as I had designing them!”, says Maria.

The abstract patterns of Maria Tolvanen delight customers in Japan as wallpapers and globally as tablecloths and other home textiles.