Ammi Lahtinen’s nature-inspired patterns

Published: 24/11/2020

The newest pattern set of designer Ammi Lahtinen consists of three nature-inspired patterns.

The inspiration for the pattern Raitakukka comes from shadows in a forest by a jogging route. Tall tree trunks created stripy lines, and the smaller trees or other plants showed as leafy silhouettes. A forest view full of shadows turned into a sketch with a lined background added with leaves and flowers. “This pattern has many coloring options, depending on the highlighted part of the design.”

The name Kesäilta means A summer evening in Finnish. “Some patterns get their names in the early part of the process. However, for most, the name is the last thing I choose after seeing how the colors and the mood of the pattern is. With this pattern, I liked the darker green background and muted tones. The feeling reminded me of the late summer and slowly darkening evenings.”

For a few years in a row, Ammi has decorated ceramic bowls for the Empty Bowls -event held in Helsinki. Both Kesäilta and Syystuuli patterns are drawn based on Ammi’s original sketches for this annual event. Syystuuli name means in Finnish “autumn wind”, and it comes from the all-around sprinkled elements. “If Kesäilta’s mood brings to my mind late summer, this one seemed more like early autumn”, says Ammi about her nature-inspired patterns.