Animal patterns for kids’ by Nonodd Design Studio

Published: 12/08/2021

Nonodd Design Studio‘s Siri Huovila was inspired by the forest animals that have conquered also the nearby forest of Helsinki sub-urban and even the parks in the city center when designing her new animal patterns. It is not uncommon to see rabbits, foxes, owls, or raccoon dogs chilling out in Helsinki parks.

Siri tells that the “Journey” pattern family is a journey to the Finnish forests or trails near the city. It is a window to a calm and magical place. If you have time to stay still, you will notice how much there is life surrounding you. Sometimes animals come near to the neighborhood too. It gives plenty of smiles to people’s faces when you see a fox walking on the near street and how it observes people’s rush.

The first pattern of this pattern family is called “Kiss”. You can find a fox family cuddling each other in it. The patterns of this pattern family are designed for kids’ bedding but they work also well in other bedroom textiles or as wallpapers.

In the pattern “Fox Trail” the fox is observing its surroundings, maybe seeking prey or just wondering the silly human beings. All three patterns of this pattern family are created with Procreate, Siri’s new favorite design tool.

In the last pattern called “Features”, you can see many of the common forest animals if you look closely. Procreate is a lovely tool to sketch, but still, you work with your hands and pen. When sketching the “Features” pattern Siri used a method where you draw without lifting the pen from the paper – or here from the pad. Amazing work!