Anna Kuukka’s minimalistic pattern designs inspired by Northern nature

Published: 04/07/2023

Anna Kuukka‘s minimalistic pattern designs in the pattern family ‘Austerity’ take their inspiration from the Nordic wilderness. The harsh yet serene elements of the Baltic seaside captivate her. Anna says, that she wanted to translate the simplicity of Nordic nature’s elements into her collection ‘Austerity’.

The first pattern is the showstopper design ‘Boulders’. The large-scale print is stripped down to the very barest of the essence – the shapes of isolated stones. Anna designed ‘Boulders’ with minimalistic interiors in her mind.

Examining the shapes of stones, worn smooth and round by the streams of Nordic rivers, the second pattern ‘Pebbles’ expresses the simplicity of nature-made materials. The design goes well for a minimalistic style by using subtle earthy tones, but it can also be ‘dressed up’ with brighter colors for interiors with a more fun-loving atmosphere.

Looking at the horizon in Northern Finland, the scenery of continuous fells and quiet beauty allows your eye and mind the freedom to wander. In the last of these three designs called the ‘Fjells’, the pattern has an organic rhythm inspired by the landscape. With colors blending together in hand-drawn strokes, the ‘Fjells’ print creates a textured look. The design is versatile, making it easy to adapt for several uses, from interiors to fashion.

This pattern family is especially suitable for bedding, or other interior textiles and accessories. Would you like to use these minimalistic pattern designs for your upcoming collection?  Our pricing is based on annual licensing fees that vary between 200-450 euros depending on the geographical area you will use the pattern in, as well as the number of product groups where the pattern design will be used. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!