Butterfly patterns by Noora Hattunen

Published: 02/03/2022

One of the latest collections of Noora Hattunen consists of butterfly patterns. Butterflies are the definite sign of the summer season, and those moments Noora wanted to capture when designing these patterns. That fragile summer moment. The feeling of the sun on her bare skin. The play of tens of butterflies around her. All butterflies are different – all as beautiful as the captured moment. This makes Noora smile – summer is perfect.

The pattern family consists of three butterfly patterns. Noora has investigated the anatomy of butterflies to make “Elowyn” pattern as lively as possible. The scales of their open wings show the most beautiful structures and color combinations one can imagine.

“Melody” displays the small details of butterflies: Noora’s drawings and fine lines highlight the various shapes of these small creatures, which is more than suitable for this monochrome pattern.

In “Odette” the butterflies are active, flying and playing around. When printed on the fabrics, the butterflies almost disappear and become an abstract surface – however, they are still there bringing joy.

When was the last time you observed the dance of butterflies for a longer period of time?