Choose your pattern concept: Classy, Lovely and Whimsical

Published: 15/06/2018

During the first years of operation the designers of Patternsfrom Agency’s roster had very free hands in designing their patterns. At sales runs we noticed how different styles themes and a full spectrum of colors led to a candy store feeling. That approach was not the most rewarding. As a result we quickly developed the idea of pattern concepts with a loose brief and color palette which would guide the designers. Currently we have three concepts in use: Classy, Lovely and Whimsical. You might want to know more about each pattern concept, so let us introduce them to you!

Out of Sight

Among the most common words that describe Scandinavian design are classical and timeless. That is why it felt natural to design and offer patterns in this concept. We studied carefully the upcoming trends in interior and fashion design, and named the first classy concept Out of Sight.

Out of Sight concept invites you to take a closer look in the nature. It is closing-up to rocks, lichens and snowflakes. It is dipping in the frozen lake to see how it looks beneath or climbing up a mountain in a fresh breeze to see the landscape as a miniature world or collecting seashells on an empty beach.

Out of Sight it is calm, silent, peaceful. It is easy to breath and the time stays still.

Get to know the patterns in Classy concept in our pattern portfolio!

Forest Pond

The second pattern concept which we have introduced is Lovely. It has globally understood and admired themes: flowers and other cute and lovely elements. Compared to the rather bluish concept Classy, the patterns in Lovely have warmer colors and several shades of green. The first Lovely patterns were designed with a design brief of Forest Pond.

Forest Pond pattern concept is about walking barefoot on soft forest moss. It fills all your senses: breathing the moist air filled with scent of the forest flowers, hearing the water ripple and bees buzzing in a wild appletree. Sun light is perking through leaves. It is also picking up raspberry jam from the basement at summer cottage with bold wallpapers.

Check out the patterns in Lovely pattern concept on our online pattern portfolio!

Bear & co.

The third pattern concept that the roster of Patternsfrom Agency is working on is slightly odd Whimsical. The designers get crazy ideas or draw odd creatures sometimes, and they are all featured as whimsical patterns. Harmonic Classy and cute Lovely concepts are more or less predictable, but Whimsical is full of surprises! The first collection of whimsical patterns is called Bear & co.

Bear & co. pattern concept brings the Finnish folklore up to date. Its spirit is knowing your ancestors and your family traditions, making funny compliments and respecting them. It is traditional folktales and traditional decorative motifs mixed in a hipster way.

Bear & co. ran out of storybook found from the Grandma’s attic and now they are having a party drinking craft beer in the city in an abandoned factory or by the sea. It seems that Bear & co. chooses their clothes randomly with blinded eyes, because they are always playful and never serious. They love all shapes and colours. They are feminine and masculine at the same time. They are odd but stylish. Join the party!

Check out our online portfolio for all Whimsical patterns!

Colors are really important in interior business, and we do constant research for being able to offer you patterns in colors which are ahead of their time. Sometimes our customers have their upcoming color pallettes decided before they approach us. In those cases we are happy to re-color the patterns, or let our customers to re-color them.

Also, we are superhappy to create full product concepts based on the trend studies that we have conducted. Please read more about our ways of operation, and do get in touch if you wish to use one or several of the patterns in your production!