Colors are important!

Published: 03/05/2016

Someone has said that a bad pattern with good colors is easier to sell than a good pattern with bad colors. Even if Patterns from Finland allows its customers to modify the colorways, we have noticed that good colors are very essential for customers to get interested in a pattern.

In the case of not getting color palette from a customer, Patterns from Finland suggests its designers to design a pattern family with a color palette of their own. Some of our designers follow the trend colors more than others. Colors should differ a lot for patterns designed for the light and bright Spring-Summer -season compared with the Fall-Winter -seasons.

Retailers buy in the upcoming season at least 6 months in advance, so manufacturers make their decisions roughly 9-12 months before the season begins. As a sample of this, Patterns from Finland delivered last month patterns for the upcoming Christmas season. Saying this, it’s good to discuss with the customer which season they are looking patterns for, and adjust colors accordingly. This leads designers to think about winter themes and colors during the hottest summer days, and get to the summermood in the middle of darkest and coldest winter.