Coordination of a pattern design collection

Published: 16/05/2024

Besides selling the rights to use pattern designs, we sell also other kinds of pattern-related services to our customers. One of the most sold ones, alongside the Creative Pitch, is Coordination of a Collection -service. The service is appreciated by companies that are either too busy sourcing the patterns from several different designers (and doing the needed technical changes for the patterns) and by ones, that are a bit unsure of how to coordinate a coherent collection in Scandinavian style.

What is a collection?

A collection consists of several pattern designs that have similar moods and color palettes, that match each other. Some of the patterns in a collection might be simpler color or element wise, however, usually, a good collection has at least one pattern that catches the viewer’s eye. You can see some mini-collections consisting of three patterns on our Unique Nordic Patterns -page.

For this service, we utilize our pattern library with over 1500 unique, handmade pattern designs. Let’s go through the service step-by-step.

1. Setting up goals

Whether you are working on launching a new line of wallpapers with Scandinavian style, are looking for matching patterns for bedroom interiors, or are looking for abstract patterns for junior fashion, we are there for you! At this phase, we talk about your needs, and our ability to fulfill your needs. We talk about the terms, the costs, and the time for the project may it be days, weeks, months, or years.

We are happy to meet you face to face or over Zoom for the initial discussions. Based on the discussion, we make a written offer, which you can either accept as such or with amendments, or discard.

If you are looking for a cheap option, we kindly lead you to our competitors’. We know the business and our role in the value chain.

2. Let the work begin

At this point, we take a bit of time to create a mood board and a color chart that match your needs.  Alternatively, if you have the mood board, color chart, or both, ready, we’d be happy to work with them.  Any information that is shared with us is kept as confidential.

In 1-2 weeks we will have a short meeting regarding the mood board and color chart, we deliver them to you, and you can have a closer look at them with your team. After you accept the materials, we can move onwards in the design process, to the creating the collection -phase.

3. Creating the collection

This phase takes also 1-2 weeks, depending on other projects that we have. We curate 10 pattern designs that fit the mood and color chart. The patterns are placed on mockup images there you will see how the patterns would look on your real products. We deliver the presentation to you, and you can go through it with your design team, the buyers, and all decision-makers in your company.

Each pattern design is shown in one colorway.

4. Adjusting the collection

When entering this point, you have chosen your favorite designs for the upcoming collection. Still, some of them might need some adjustments. We are delighted to receive any kind of feedback for the pattern designs and are happy e.g. to adjust the elements. Also, we are happy to hear why some of the patterns would not fit your needs. This information is super important for us!

For the chosen patterns, after adjustments, we are happy to create mock-up images that show you more or less how the pattern repeats on the final product.

Last but not least we sign a written agreement for how, where and when you are going to use the pattern designs, which is very much in line with what we have been discussing and offering earlier.

5. Delivering the design data

At this point, you will make the final decisions about the patterns that you wish to proceed with. We create additional color versions and finalize the design data.

While you process the final invoice, we gather all materials related to the pattern designs. Each pattern is followed by the designer’s bio and photograph of the designer as well as a short story related to the pattern that you can use when marketing the final products. As soon as the payment is committed, we transfer these materials, together with the design data, to you.

That’s it.

Coordination of a Collection is a service labeled with the Design from Finland -mark as a guarantee for Finnish originality.

Get in touch with us already today, and let’s find you perfect pattern designs in Scandinavian style!