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Coordination of collections for Deconovo

Published: 13/06/2020

Deconovo is a global home textile brand that sells its products online, mainly via Amazon. They have a wide range of home textiles in their collection – everything from curtains to table cloths, from cushion covers to placemats. Patternsfrom Agency is taking care of the coordination of collections for Deconovo as its outsourced design team.

The cooperation between Deconovo and Patternsfrom Agency began in early 2019 and has been continuing ever since. In addition to designing patterns, the design management project includes material, color, and product coordination. The first part of the project was not visible outside, as we went through large storage of material, technique, and product samples to get to know the current selection and the possibilities of the production in the future. We also created three style concepts with colors and mood boards for in-house use for developing the brand and collections. Those three concepts that we introduced have developed further into six design series, each with a different theme and customer profile in focus.

Ammi Lahtinen has kept the project in control as the main designer for the Deconovo project. Tiina Taivainen has been her support and the entire designer team has supplied patterns for Deconovo’s use and archives. As a big team, Patternsfrom Agency is able to provide outstanding services for the coordination of collections.

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