Cost-efficient sourcing of unique pattern designs

Published: 14/07/2020

Our series of free online webinars has reached its third episode. The following theme will be Cost-efficient sourcing of unique pattern designs. This webinar will be held on Wednesday July 22nd at 9-10 GMT.

There are as many ways of buying pattern designs as there are pattern design sellers. Many sell their unique designs with a high lump sum for global rights for any usage. However, why wouldn’t you pay much, much less for limited rights that allow you to use the pattern for those purposes that are most critical for your business?

This webinar is perfect for companies that are looking for unique pattern designs and set value for professional textile design. Businesses can save up to 75% for the design fees when applying cost-efficient sourcing of unique pattern designs, and still be able to tell their customers who has designed the pattern and why.

Sign up latest July 20th 2020 to join the free webinar online for discussion or for receiving the link to the webinar-record directly to your mailbox. We will upload the record also to our Youtube channel, so it will be available online until further notice.