Delicate pattern designs by Tiina Taivainen

Published: 19/07/2022

For her collection of delicate pattern designs, designer Tiina Taivainen got inspiration while spending her midsummer in the Northern parts of Finland and Norway.  She decided to name the collection Pykeija after the name of a small village in Northern Norway by the Arctic Ocean. This remote fishing village has an interesting history, as it has been populated by Finns since the 18th century.

Tiina’s pattern family is inspired by the nature of the North. Even during midsummer, the nature in the North is very bare. Nevertheless, it is so beautiful in its simplicity. Plants bending in the sea wind and reaching out for the warm rays of the sun. Stillness and minimalism are everywhere.

The first pattern called “Heinä” – hay in English is a delicate pattern drawn with markers. It pictures thin hay straw surviving in the bare nature of the North.

For the pattern “Pumpula” Tiina captured a globeflower on her camera. In Lapland, the flower is also called the Midsummer flower because it blossoms there in late June. Afterward, she sketched the “Pumpula” pattern with black ink and edited it to an even more simple form. This pattern is her favorite from this pattern family in its vulnerability.

The third pattern is called “Siemen” – seed. It is a delicate and versatile pattern for multiple purposes. It is filled with hayseeds flying in the arctic summer wind.

This pattern family is especially suitable for bedding, bedroom wallcoverings, or toiletry items such as make-up pouches and disposables. Would you like to use these delicate pattern designs in your products? Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss about the terms and prices!