Design brief – the roadmap to a successful pattern design

Published: 26/04/2016

Today, we have nine curated designers at Patterns from Finland, each one having her own style and handwriting in pattern design. Their curated patterns, online portfolios, can be found at our collection. Any of the patterns of the portfolio may be sold or licensed, however, our designers work also by design briefs.

There is no one right way of giving a design brief. However, the purpose of it is always the same: to have mutual understanding for a pattern designing project; what, when and how patterns are to be delivered. The more comprehensive and detailed the design brief is, the more successful and suitable pattern the customer receives.

Here is a short list of points that Patterns from Finland is expecting to see in a design brief:

  •  The use for a pattern

To design a pattern for paper plates is different from designing wallpapers which differs from designing bedlinen. It is essential for a designer to know what the outcome will be – besides of taking the industry standards into account, this helps in choosing the colorways (if customer doesn’t have a palette of its own) as well as the theme and style for a pattern. Going through customer’s previous collections gives many hints to the designer for understanding the needed style.

  •  Technical needs for a pattern

Will the pattern be printed digitally, with flat screen, by rotation method, or something completely else? This effects first of all the number of colors that can be used for the pattern, as well as the repeat size. The designer should know maximums and minimums for a report, as well as if the report is to be a one way, two ways or an all-round pattern.

  •  Project plan

All the designers of Patterns from Finland are freelancers – they may have several projects going on simultaneously. Clear deadlines and a good project plan help both designers and customers to allocate resources and maintain perfect timing for a designing project. It is worth taking into account that a pattern needs sometimes some amendments, and any round of amendments prolongs the designing process.

  • Other materials needed

In the design brief it is good to mention if you wish to have any kind of extra materials along with the final pattern. These may include moodboards, sketches or photos  of the designing process itself, or a comprehensive CV of the designer. Patterns from Finland is happy to provide little extras, that help the customers in sales and marketing of the final products with one of our patterns.