Design trend overview + pattern collection launch 2022

Published: 20/01/2022

Patternsfrom Agency’s first ever pattern design trend overview and launch of pattern collection 2022 is now successfully done!

At the event, we made an overview at the international design trends for 2023 and beyond. Additionally, our designer talents have been designing a pattern collection into these trends with the ever so trendy Scandinavian touch, that we launched simultaneously. How much more trendy can it get?

The collection consists of three pattern concepts – Infinity for classy, Bohemian garden for lovely, and Bubble for whimsical patterns. Each concept has its own general moodboard, sub-themes and pattern families.


Patterns in Infinity concept represent the Nordic style in its simplest form. The concept takes inspiration from objects, colors, and materials that grow better once they get older and worn out: such as dried flowers, driftwood, stone, clay, linen, silk, cotton, and the new fiber innovations using leftover materials. The color palette is very restrained and gives a silent feel to this pattern concept.

Mostly this concept is about nature, but still not that obvious. Natural shapes, lines, and motifs are not so easy to identify but they still are there. Infinity can also be more strict graphic minimalism with geometric motifs that take inspiration from shadows and light in the built environment. Important colors are different shades of blues, grays, and beige as well as pure black and white.

Bohemian garden

Bohemian Garden reach out a hundred years back to the 1920s. Bohemian feel with a luscious garden, and exotic flowers and animals. Idle summer days in the garden, having an inspiring talk with fellow bohemians, goofing off with friends, having a fresh mocktail or tea, and an overflowing brunch in the garden or the bed. It is about having a night out in a luxurious nightclub or having a holiday in exotic locations. All those things we have missed out since the year 2020 and keep dreaming of.

Bohemian Garden concept is the concept that has been most inspiring for our designers, because of its muted, worn-out colors and themes that take you to faraway places and back in history. Important colors are burgundy, dusty rose shades, deep browns, brass-yellow as well as brighter lilac. Florals are essential for this collection, but you can see feathers as well as ethnic abstract shapes.


This concept is all about closing oneself with our loved ones in a bubble and not giving a damn about the pandemic. It can be a happy bubble or a safe bubble. Wherever it makes you feel happy, safe, and feel alive – is it in the garden, in the forest, or bubble bath. The bubble concept has a crafted feeling and joy of colors – bright pastels and muted colors combined in unexpected ways. Bubble brings you crafted and skewed shapes and funny animals taking inspiration from root baking, knitting, sewing, block-printing, painting, wood crafts, and repurpose DIY.


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