The first outcomes of design management project for Deconovo

Published: 19/12/2019

Starting from last spring, we have been working on a bigger design management project in Shaoxing, China. Our customer is a home textile manufacturer and seller Deconovo. They sell online worldwide on their own webshop and on Amazon.

In addition to designing patterns, the design management project includes material, color, and product coordination. The first part of the project is not visible outside, as we went through a large storage of material, technique and product samples to get to know the current selection and the possibilities of the production in the future. We also created three style concepts with colors and mood boards for in-house use for developing the brand and collections.

But let’s go to the visible part and get to know the new Nordic pattern designs released for the Autumn-Winter 2019! These patterns are designed by Maria Tolvanen, Tanja Kallio and Ammi Lahtinen, exclusively for Deconovo, product photos by Deconovo.

Coffee break by Maria Tolvanen

“Freshly baked buns piled on plates are my source of inspiration for this pattern. That’s the best view both at home or at the office break room, isn’t it? Finnish people tend to enjoy a lot of coffee and what would go better with it than a delicious home-made bun.

I used papercutting technique for making this pattern. First, I painted the paper I used with watercolour, then cut the shapes of plates and buns out of painted paper and lastly put it all together. Every small bit of granulated sugar you see on the pattern is painstakingly glued on the pattern individually.“

Maria’s Coffee break is available here.

Sweets & Candy by Tanja Kallio

“Sweets is a fun pattern that celebrates our favourite treats. I made the original sketch by cutting paper, and then I continued to finish the design on a computer.

Christmas and sweets and chocolate go hand in hand. This pattern is the moment when you are looking at the selection and thinking of what should I taste next? There are some new sweets and some traditional flavours – and the traditional ones bring all the memories from childhood. The pattern has that Christmas excitement, fun and sweet mood.”

Take a closer look at Tanja’s Sweets-pattern.

“Candy is an abstract pattern that was painted with a big brush. I often use hand-made sketches and paintings together with digital techniques. Since my childhood I have been driven by the need to do things with my hands, like painting, creating installations and handicrafts. That need led me to study art, graphic and textile design.”

Tanja’s Candy pattern is sold at Amazon.

Forest berries by Tanja Kallio

“The inspiration for the pattern Forest berries comes from lingonberries, which I love. It is a tribute to a wonderful delicious berry! During the autumn I go to pick lingonberries from a forest nearby my home and also from more northern Finland. The best time to pick lingonberries is from late August to early October.” 

Forest berries is also available at Amazon.

Blossom show & Autumn leaves by Ammi Lahtinen

I made the first sketch for the design Blossom show already a few years back. It was drawn based on a tall flower bush in the inner yard of my home building. One of my favourite things about the result was how the mood of the design changes with different colours.

One of the best things about autumn is the colours in nature, how the mood changes from summer to autumn. The winter season is so dark in Finland, that we always remember to appreciate and admire the evening light.”

The tablecloth with Blossom show -pattern is sold out for this season already.

“The pattern Autumn leaves features small nature treasures of the autumn season. Flowers start dropping the petals and trees their leaves. The acorns remind me of my childhood favourite animated movie Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki.”

Autumn leaves is still available at Amazon shop of Deconovo.

If you are interested in running a similar design management project in your company, please get in touch! Our nine designers are more than happy to design you a “Design from Finland” -labeled collection or two!

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