Floral patterns and memories of summer by Nonodd Design Studio

Published: 18/10/2023

The designer Tanja Aivila of Nonodd Design Studio feels that one doesn’t have to go far to find inspiration for floral patterns. Even the tiniest backyard garden can be an endless source of inspiration. In the summer Tanja works willingly in her garden when the Finnish summer weather allows her to. This pattern family called ‘Moments’ is created in her garden and captures summer moments.

The pattern behind the couch is a leafy pattern mixed with polka dots. It is called ‘Fling’. it is available in soft bedroom colors or more vibrant green and orange.

The second pattern in the bottom middle of the picture is called ‘Joy’. It is filled with carnations and marigolds. This pattern is also suitable for many purposes from bedroom to kitchen as well as clothing. It works on many scales and different colorways.

The third pattern is called ‘Slight’ and it is a more easygoing and monochromatic pattern for example for wallpaper or bedding.

This pattern family is part of our classy concept the ‘Threehouse’ where we have collected timeless but trendy Nordic patterns with contemporary style, color, and themes from Nordic nature.

Would you like to use these classy, floral patterns for your upcoming collection?  Our pricing is based on annual licensing fees that vary between 200-450 euros depending on the geographical area you will use the pattern in, as well as the number of product groups where the pattern design will be used. Contact us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!