Free virtual backgrounds for Zoom

Published: 08/05/2020

Tired of those default backgrounds or showing your messy home during important video meetings? We offer free virtual backgrounds for Zoom to brighten up your meetings with Scandinavian pattern design!

We provide 10 options for you for free, all designed by Finland-based professional textile designers. Get to know the patterns, click your favorite one open, and save it on your computer. Then open the Zoom Desktop application, your own profile, and its settings. Upload the image to Virtual Background and start using it!

Don’t forget to take a selfie and tag us with #patternsfromagency during your meeting. We would love to see these patterns in your use!

Ammi Lahtinen’s Rhythm-pattern has been in use on home textiles and wall panels before, and now as virtual wallpaper. How would you like to see it in the future?

For Anna Kuukka, animals have true poetry in them. She wanted to capture the flight and motions of a sparrow as it takes to the sky. The Sparrow-pattern is her confession of love for birds in general; their agility, resilience, and elegance.

Miira Zukale’s Airy-pattern has been in use for home textiles before. How do you like it as a virtual wallpaper?

Ilana Vähätupa describes her Aallot-pattern: “Aallot was inspired by the waves and the rhythmic movements colliding with each other.”

You can find the stones and moss of the Finnish forest in Nonodd Design Studio’s Excursion-pattern.

The fauna and nature of the Baltic Sea coast are the source of inspiration for Lokki-pattern by Hanna Ruusulampi.

Noora Hattunen is the designer for Matches-pattern. Her granny’s attic is full of treasures from decades. Someone had left beautiful old matchboxes in between the attic’s window. What a great source of inspiration for a pattern!

Tiina Taivainen’s inspiration for Sulo-pattern is great, too. “It was unusually cold spring when designing the patterns of Silmu collection. The inspiration for the collection was the little hints of spring: leaves trying to open, a sunny moment in between the showers of snow, a fresh morning after a freezing night. The patterns are calm but have a promise of coming summer.”