Goals for the New Year 2020

Published: 05/01/2020

(Images: Ammi Lahtinen, Canva, Ilana Vähätupa)

The first week of the new year 2020, as well as the new decade, is almost over. Meanwhile, we have been drinking some sparkling and eating Finnish traditional New Year Eve’s food, potato salad and sausages. As a matter of fact we have been focusing on having all set for Heimtextil 2020 as it is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, and a super-important fair for us. So, business as usual for us. However, we have taken some time to set goals for the new year 2020. Saying this,

By the end of the year 2020 Patternsfrom Agency has

  • a pool of educated, professional textile designers whose pattern designs and professionalism it has right to sell in global markets. The designers receive a proper compensation for their creative work. They get together regularly for training and wellbeing sessions to keep motivated to learn from each other and the agents.
  • launched over 100 unique, hand-made Nordic patterns in three pattern concepts – Classy, Lovely and Whimsical – drawn from the scratch by the above mentioned Finland-based freelance designers
  • 10 new customers that use widely its textile and surface designing related services: utilising the open online portfolio and ready-made patterns, asking our designers to design patterns on-commission as well as using our design consultation services for coordinating collections, colors and materials
  • customer satisfaction is monitored regularly with a short survey
  • customers that have proved business benefits from the Design from Finland -labeled services of Patternsfrom Agency
  • 52 new inspiring posts in its blog. The topics covered are textile designing, upcoming trends in surface design, life in Northern Europe, and much more. The content in its social media channels reflect those posts.
  • participated three international trade fairs and three other events
  • launched a new website and services for designers for its first anniversary in March
  • a digital, easy-to-access pattern database under development

Let’s hope these goals remain as goals for the new year, not for the new decade! As always, we will update our social media channels on a regular basis, and finally, as a wrap up, revert to the list again in December 2020. Feel free to follow the journey!