How does your portfolio look like?

Published: 19/10/2016

A portfolio is supposed to represent and show the best of the person who has created it. During the 18 months of Patterns from Finland’s existence, we have gone through a high pile of portfolios. Now, we will give some advice for creatives for how to create a nice portfolio that gains the attention of the person who is taking a look at it.

  • Highlight the true customer references

The works that have been out in the public are of course the most interesting ones, Fill your portfolio with those, but please check with the customers that referring to them is ok. If you have just a few, or none public references, then

  • Show your own style

Has someone given you feedback about your works? Fill your portfolio with the works or even style that have received good feedback. No feedback? Do you have a favourite technique or a theme you enjoy working with? Show your professionalism, and show different elements in your works. Your passion should show on your portfolio, and passion is visible. If you are fed up with a style or technique you have been working with for a longer time, change it, to find that passion again.

  • Keep your portfolio available

As a creative, you should have your portfolio available all times. There is lots of traffic online these days, and people keep serching for, yes, inspiration, but also professionals to possibly work for their upcoming projects. If your portfolio is not online, keep it updated and quickly available if someone asks to see it. It is truly frustrating to collect a portfolio for each inquiry separately, so work with one that you feel comfortable sending out at all times. If transferred as an email attachment, please do send out files that are small in size, otherwise send a link for the downloading site. Don’t forget to add your contact informations on your portfolio.

  • Act according to the instructions

If you are approaching a person with your own portfolio, please read through the guidelines for how your portfolio should be sent. You may end up doing dramatical changes to your portfolio, but please, do follow the guidelines. If the recipient has put time and effort for creating guidelines, and you do not follow them, you are the one to be dropped out first. It is the first sign of you being unable to follow the instructions of the potentially upcoming project.