How to commission a designer?

Published: 27/03/2019

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for in our ready made patterns? Still interested to get a unique, hand-made Nordic pattern?  Fear not – commission a designer!

When you commission a designer, you buy either one pattern or a collection of patterns. The patterns are drawn by one or several designers to your own specifications what comes to the themes, colors and other attributes. You can choose a designer, or we can recommend you one, too.

We are qualified to offer also comprehensive design management services. They include designing and coordinating collections or defining the entire design strategy for you. These projects usually take a longer period of time and require constant, active contact between the parties.

We are happy to create a creative pitch for your specifications! A creative pitch is our quick sample solution to solve your challenges. That will help you to evaluate our skills and service level against other designers you are considering to commission. Later on we develop the sample solution to a real solution, and much beyond.

How to proceed?

Whether your company already has an own design strategy or you are only developing it, we are happy to help you to reach your goals! We have a big team, so your design project will get the attention it deserves. Wait no longer and contact us today!