How to commission a designer?

Published: 31/08/2022

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for in our ready-made patterns? Still interested to get a unique, hand-made pattern in Scandinavian style for your products?  Fear not – commission a designer!

How to proceed?

When you commission a designer, you buy either one pattern or a collection of patterns. The patterns are drawn by one or several designers to your own specifications regarding the themes, colors, and other attributes, as well as the technical specifications.

We begin by setting up your goals: are you aiming at creating a collection of wallpapers with a sea theme, or are you looking for one single pattern for bedding for horse lovers? All your thoughts, with a realistic schedule included, are worthy for us.

Based on this information our designer(s) start working. In two week’s time we will deliver you 10 initial pattern design sketches. At this point, the patterns are shown as flat images, because the repeat might not be finalized yet.

Then it is your time to evaluate and comment on our work! We are happy for all feedback, and do take your additional wishes into account when finalizing the patterns. We can place the pattern designs on mockup images so that you can easier see how a product with those patterns would look like in reality. In the last phase you will choose the patterns that you wish to have in your collection, and we will deliver the repeats to you with the design stories and designer’s bio.

Please note, that if you don’t have the specifications ready, we are happy to define them for you as an extra service! Defining the entire design strategy for you takes usually a couple of weeks of time and require some meetings between the parties.

Whether your company already has its own design strategy or you are only developing it, we are happy to help you to reach your goals! We have a big team, so your design project will get the attention it deserves. Wait no longer and contact us today!