In the middle of nowhere with Miira Zukale

Published: 15/09/2020

Last winter Miira Zukale spent a month in an artist’s residence in the Eastern part of Finland, Koli, in the middle of nowhere. Koli offers one of the National landscapes of Finland, and it has inspired artists throughout centuries for amazing artistic creations. Miira had her sketching book along, and got inspiration for several pattern designs, such as this “Deep forest” pattern family.

“The residence was located in a tiny village that was surrounded by superior landscapes. I made walks in the snow or treks with skis on a daily basis, and drew all kinds of things that I saw on those adventures. My sketchbook got filled with landscapes, evergreen trees and small details such as cones and sprigs. For making the Havukka-pattern, I used mixed technique of crayons and a pencil.

The never-ending scenery with frozen lakes and hills with snow-covered trees were simply amazing. The only way to capture the magical feeling was to use crayons to draw the Vaarat-pattern.”