Introducing agents: Kristiina Tergujeff and Jenni Moberg

Published: 06/02/2019

Patternsfrom Agency represents nine Finland-based textile and surface designers, whom we have introduced in our blog during the years. We thought it is finally time to introduce also the agents, Kristiina Tergujeff and Jenni Moberg. They are also the people behind the business idea of Patternfrom Agency.

Lucky as we are, during the Heimtextil fair in January 2019, lovely Mrs. Kerstin Böhning came over to our booth and interviewed us for the official Heimtextil blog. Due to her objective observations, her text for summarizes very well the facts that we wish people to know about Patternsfrom Agency. You can easily get a glimpse of our values as well, not to mention some of the challenges in the industry. That is why we refer directly to Kerstin’s text. <3 If you have any other questions you want us to answer, please feel free to ask them in the comment field. We promise to reply to each and every question – no matter what!

When contacting Patternsfrom Agency, one of us agents replies to you. Sooner or later the other agent will be involved too. So, why no to get to know both of us in advance?

So, how can we help you?

(Photo credits: Kerstin Böhning)