Licensing of the patterns

Published: 21/07/2016

Our aim is to be a flexible partner with companies in the need of patterns for textiles or other surfaces. We are equally eager to supply our patterns to small and big companies, near and far, with or without the short stories of the patterns and the designers.

Today, well established, multinational brands keep pushing out to the markets not just their Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections, but also collections for Christmas and other holiday seasons. Some industries are willing to push something new to the market even more frequently, almost every week. Patterns and prints are consumed more than ever before.

At the same time there are plenty of startups willing to create classics. They may need just a few patterns to develope their timeless collection that would survive coming and going trends.

These phenomenas have been noted at Patterns from Finland too. We are replying to the demand of both multinationals and startups with a licensing programme, there our patterns may be licensed: multinationals get patterns for a specific season, and startups patterns supporting their developing brand. The solution is very cost effective and low in risk for all parties.

With this programme we are not talking about licensing of a brand, but rather art, the pattern. If you got interested, please get in touch to hear the details!

And talking about brand licensing – did you hear about the approaching, first ever Nordic Brand Licensing Market already?