Looking for the identity

Published: 06/06/2017

When was the last time you took a look at the front page of Patternsfrom Agency? Have you seen any developments in it recently since we changed the logo? The logo is not the identity, but it is part of it. The Stooripuu workshop some weeks ago motivated us to re-design our company’s identity even more.

While our designers design and release patterns for our patter concepts Classy, Lovely and Whimsical, most of the agents’ time goes to the developement work, and to our eyes it has so far payed off: our trainee Katariina optimized the banners, and fixed our flyers under Kristiina’s guidance. My work has been basically throwing in comments such as “Looks great!” and “Wow!”, but also “The logo covers too much” or “This is an identity of a travel agency”, What else can you expect from a non-creative?:)

We wish to have rendered pattern images soon for our customers to understand how the patterns look in reality. There are plenty of other things under the development still, don’t worry, we will let you know about them as they are processed further.

It’s great if you have paid attention on the change, and it is great if the changes are towards better. It is even better, if you took a bit of your time for giving us some feedback about our site, its usability and looks: what draws you here and what keeps away? If not writing an open comment is too much, you can use our feedback form.

(Image: Hongas by Ilana Vähätupa)