#loveoriginal against cheap copies

Published: 18/09/2018

Nordic simplicity in life and design is well known throughout the world. It has plenty of fans, as well as fans who are not so familiar with the origin of the design, they just like the style. Several Finnish design brands have noticed the unpleasant phenomenon of copying of the design, and together they launched #loveoriginal -campaign for fighting agaist cheap copies.

Finnish design brands spend plenty of effort on research and development for being able to offer lovely pieces for their customers. They are proud of their innovations and have to include the costs of R&D to the price of the final product. However, unfortunately, there are companies that do not put too much effort into developing own ideas or collections. They rather copy directly from others. This leads naturally to a cheaper shelf price.

Patternsfrom Agency provides only unique, hand-made Nordic patterns, both with exclusive and non-exclusive terms for companies and partners who #loveoriginal. All our designers put plenty of time and efforts to finalize patterns according to the given briefs. As time is money, we can not offer the cheapest patterns in the market. We are well aware that there are sources that supply patterns with extremely low costs, and as said, copying is even cheaper.

How can you #loveoriginal with Patternsfrom Agency?

Our customers can support the #loveoriginal -campaign by openly revealing their source of patterns. We are happy to provide you a written designer profile of the talent, who has made the pattern for you. If that is not enough, the customers have also right to use designer’s portrait photo to promote the final products. Likewise, each one of the patterns comes with a short story about the inspiration for the pattern. It would be nice to see these stories to spread around the world!

Also, we are paying attention on documenting the steps before releasing the final pattern. We have collected ideas, sketches and photographs into books and files, also into our Instagram feed. They tell you the entire process of developing a pattern. If you are interested, please ask for a permission to use these stories.

We are convinced that original Nordic designs and a strong brand would make many companies to bloom. We would be happy to supply patterns and our know-how to improve also your business, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to get to know us and our business model better.