Minimalistic patterns for safari dreams by Nonodd Design Studio

Published: 06/06/2022

Nonodd Design Studio is a design duo with Siri Huovila and Tanja Aivila.  Their specialty is animal-themed patterns – usually with Nordic forest animals. This time Siri Huovila has challenged herself by designing a pattern family called ‘Explorer’ with more exotic animals – at least from the Finnish point of view. Siri’s long-time dream has been to travel to Africa to see the safari animals in their natural neighborhoods. She is worried about the diminishing habitat of wild animals and this is why she wanted to create these minimalistic patterns.

The ‘Savanna Crown’  is a graphic pattern, inspired by inspiration from the Crown crane that lives in the savanna. It is a two-way pattern, so it is well suited for fashion or smaller interior items as well as disposables.

The ‘Peacock Waltz’ pattern is also inspired by birds – as the name says from peacock feathers. This surface-like pattern would be best in wallpaper in the minimalistic interior but works also for fashion or bedding.

The ‘Safari Stirpes’ pattern plays with a classic. The zebra stripes hide a herd of zebras. This pattern would also be at its best in wallpaper but also in other interior purposes.

These minimalistic patterns with safari theme and hundreds of other pattern designs in Scandinavian style are available for customers around the world with licensing terms. Get in touch with us for terms and prices!