New pattern concepts – lovely, whimsical and classy

Published: 19/05/2017

As feelings, and stories behind the products, have become an important factor in consumer behaviour and decision making, are also our customers searching patterns that go directly into the feelings. And as our customers demand patterns basing on certain feelings, we wanted to make things easier for them.

We will release our first set of patterns with the new pattern concepts later this week. People who have ordered our newsletter will see them first, so hurry up to subscribe the newsletter if you don’t do so yet!

Our patterns are divided into three concepts:

Classy – contains classical, timeless Scandinavian style patterns. Here you can find simplified, sophisticated patterns with graphic motifs and more.

Whimsical – is for adventurous customers. You can find wild and quirky patterns with exciting colors, funny characters and much more.

Lovely – fullfills your need for romance. This concept includes patterns with soft colors, delicate flowers, sweet things and more.

We update our pattern portfolio four times a year, and the upcoming pattern releases in August and later on will support these concepts. As a friendly reminder, you have all the power to rate and review any of our patterns in the collection page. We would love to hear your opinion on them too, even if you had no intention to purchase a pattern. Thank you in advance!