Non-exclusive patterns – same pattern is used by different customers

Published: 13/02/2019

Earlier we wrote an article about our understanding of exclusive patterns. We advice you read that one, as well as this one about the non-exclusive patterns, and then reflect these two articles. What are the main differences between exclusive and non-exclusive patterns? Why are these two ways to operate needed? Which one suits your company best?

As per our company policy, we do not sell the copyrights of a pattern, but the rights to use a pattern. This applies also to our non-exclusive patterns. As the name reveils, there will be several companies sharing the rights to use the pattern. This means that you may find curtains in China, bed linen in US and wallpapers in Sweden all having the same pattern designed by the designers of Patternsfrom Agency. We limit both the product group as well as the geographical coverage, not to mention about the limitations timewise.

These general terms apply for both exclusive and non-exclusive patterns

The patterns are designed to one of our three pattern concepts. You will get 1-3 color versions of the same pattern, which are delivered as production ready pdf-files that open up in color-separated layers. Please let us know if you plan to change either the original scaling or colors of the pattern!

The designers have written short stories for each one of the patterns. The stories tell about the inspiration or other thoughts related with the pattern. You can use these stories in your own marketing efforts – as well as the story and photo of the designer. Consumer behaviour is changing, so it is worthwile to be honest about your design sources!

We release four collections in a year. The latest one of the collections is available only to the professionals reading our newsletter. If you consider yourself as one, subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy the patterns among the first ones!


So, as a repetition, non-exclusive patterns at Patternsfrom Agency are

  • unique, hand-made Nordic patterns with a story written by the designer
  • sold with limitations in product groups and markets
  • delivered in production ready pdf-files, in 1-3 color versions
  • released four times a year