Online-store for pattern design services is now open

Published: 02/01/2024

“What are your terms to sell pattern designs?” “What does licensing of a pattern design mean?” “How much does a pattern design cost?” “Can I buy you pattern designs and pattern design services online?”

People are very used to buying products and services online as private customers. Based on the  true-life questions above, also businesses are willing to buy this and that online, as long as clear information for making purchase decisions is provided.

For helping our customers, and for making things more clear, we have now opened up our online store for pattern design services and licenses.

We sell three kinds of pattern design services in our online store:

1. Coordination services for colors and collections

With the Creative pitch you’ll get a glimpse on our way to solve your challenge. We are happy to coordinate customer’s collections, to coordinate colors and provide you color charts for the upcoming interior trends, and design unique pattern designs on commission based on your requirements.

2. Unique, production-ready pattern designs

Scroll through the latest collection of pattern designs at patternsfrom.fi/patterns, mark down your favourite one(s), and buy the license(s) online! We update this page four times a year, so if you wish to know when there is new designs out, we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter.

3. Coaching services for designers

We are happy to share our knowledge further to other designers, so designers can book a one-hour-slot for business coaching sessions there we discuss topics related to pattern designing and pattern designers’ work. These sessions have helped several designers to become more successful entrepreneurs, and to avoid certain pitfalls.


If you have any questions regarding the services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are delighted for any feedback regarding the online store as well.

There will be discount codes for these pattern design services available, and the first one, HEIMTEXTIL, is giving you -50% off for the coordination of a collection. For receiving the discount codes in the future, please sign up to our newsletter.