The week for animals – Eläinten viikko

This week, Eläinten viikko, is dedicated for animals, and especially cats and their wellbeing. Get to know our dear furry friends!

Portfoliokatselmus 28.10.2020

Patternsfrom Agencyn supersuosittu portfoliokatselmus tulee taas! Katselmusaikoja on tarjolla kahdeksalle ammattitasoiselle kuosi- ja pintasuunnittelijalle 28.10.2020 klo 11.30-17.45 välisenä aikana.

In the middle of nowhere with Miira Zukale

Last winter Miira Zukale spent a month in an artist’s residence in the Eastern part of Finland, in the middle of nowhere, in deep forest.

At the campfire with Hanna Ruusulampi

Hanna Ruusulampi designed three patterns with the theme At the campfire. This is how she describes the design process and the stories behind each pattern.

Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube!

Are you interested to hear how Patternsfrom Agency operates? As Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube, it is easier than ever to get to know us and our ways of working!

Trendy Nordic patterns at Evolution Amsterdam

Our agency with its entire design crew and two visiting designers is heading its way with trendy Nordic patterns to Evolution Amsterdam in September 2020.

Cost-efficient sourcing of unique pattern designs

Many designers sell their unique designs with a high lump sum for global rights for any usage. However, you can easily save up to 75% for the design fees!

Wild Garden by Nonodd Design Studio

Today we will have a chance to take a peek to the Wild Garden by Nonodd Design Studio. They are suitable e.g. for interior textiles, wallpapers or bedlinen.

“Aerial” – Flocks of moving birds by Anna Kuukka

Anna Kuukka joined Patternsfrom Agency’s designer pool in spring 2020. We asked her to describe the design process of “Aerial” pattern family.