Pantone Classic Blue – Color of the year 2020

Published: 27/02/2020

Pantone has once again announced the color of the year. For 2020 it is Classic Blue – Pantone 19-4052.

Classic Blue has been in our active when designing new patterns to all our three pattern concepts. We had to god our archives to find patterns with Classic Blue, as our designers have been using Classic Blue mainly for the previous collections – that are in the market right now.

Inspiration for Noora Hattunen’s Scallop-pattern has been her granny and especially her attic: “Granny’s attick is full of treasures form decades. One wall has many layers of old wallpaper. I was inspired of the wallpaper where was a beautiful scallop pattern.”

Maria Tolvanen’s Pikkukesä has action in it: “This pattern looks like a windy day in an anime film. It could be used for curtains, clothing and stationary.”

Tanja Kallio’s describes her Suopursu-pattern: “When walking in swamp areas in Midsummer time, the first strong scents tell you that Northern Labrador Tea has started to bloom. That scent is strong and ecstatic – I really could not imagine summers without it. Suopursu is the Finnish name for Northern Labrador Tea and also the name of this pattern.”

Tiina Taivainen about her Luukku-pattern: “Luukku pattern got it’s inspiration from an Austrian medieval fortress. I was fascinated by forms and patterns on the roofs, ceilings, window shutters, floors and courtyard, made by humans long time before us. The patterns are abstract and playful with bold colors.”

We keep eye on the upcoming color trends and implement them into the three pattern concept that we work on. If you wish to know more – get in touch!