Papercut patterns of Miira Zukale

Published: 13/05/2021

The whimsical home textile trend Paperplane inspired Miira Zukale to closely study the most common plants in Finnish forests and yards to bring them alive as papercut patterns. Paper cutting is Miira’s superpower as she has given paper cut art exhibitions as well.

Here she simplified the silhouettes of flowers into graphic patterns that represent her own style. Graphical and stylized plants were cut out from hand-painted paper. This sketching technique is typical for Miira: the pattern has developed through many steps before finding its final form. She works where ever she has an inspiration; in the summer cottage terrace or in her office. A calm forest environment helps her to find the essentials – also in papercut patterns.

This pattern family called ‘Pihalla’ (engl. In the Yard) consists of three patterns ‘Ratamo’, ‘Vanamo’ and ‘Krassi’. The pattern ‘ Ratamo’, broadleaf plantain, which you can find in every yard. Did you know that you can actually eat it and use it as plaster? Here it is used as a pattern motif among clover leaves and flowers. It would fit well for kitchen textiles for example.

Pattern ‘Vanamo’ is filled with delicate twin flowers that are one of the most beautiful flowers in the Finnish forest. They have inspired artists and craftsmen throughout the centuries. This pattern shows this forest flower as a magnified close-up. It would be so lovely for example in gift wrap or a baby girl’s room.

´Krassi’ is a cheerful pattern for kids and adults with round leaves of an ordinary plant Indian cress that you can find in every single yard in Finland. It has taken its cheerful round motifs from the leaves of  Indian cress and it is a joyful pattern for kids as well as young-minded adults. It would be perfect for a summer party tablecloth.