Pattern challenge 2 – Top 3 has been chosen!

Published: 16/06/2023

We launched our second Pattern challenge a little over a month ago with the theme being forest on wall coverings. With these pattern challenges, we want to spread information about good patterns, especially their designers, who are not yet on our roster.

From the participating works, we chose the three best patterns matching this challenge. Here they are, in a non-specific order.

The first excellent pattern design is from Jenni Mäensivu, a Finnish textile designer from Helsinki. This pattern has a nice folkloric and retro feel to it. It is well suited for contemporary Nordic-style interiors. We would see it in the kitchen or in kids’ rooms.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa


Henkilön Jenni (@jennimaensivu) jakama julkaisu

The following pattern is from Sanni Ojala, a Finnish, Helsinki-based illustrator and surface pattern designer. Sanni took part in our first pattern challenge as well. This time her pattern called “Niittu” has flowers growing next to the forest border. A very dashing wallpaper pattern for an accent wall in a bedroom or in the living room.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa


Henkilön Sanni Ojala (@sanniojala) jakama julkaisu

Last but not least is a design by Maarit Soini, Walkia Design from Turku, Finland. This pattern has a very traditional and national romantic motif – a spruce cone but is presented in a modern way. This is a traditional stripe wallpaper pattern with a hint of forest in it.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Pattern challenges! We invite designers around the world to participate and create outstanding pattern designs!