Pattern design as a service -concept study receives funding

Published: 16/05/2022

This spring Business Finland accepted Patternsfrom Agency’s application for the Innovation voucher. With the voucher we will study how the well-known SaaS model could be implemented into the design world. Also, we are interested to know if Pattern design as a service -concept is worth taking further, and in case yes, then how.

The base for any successful business operating with the SaaS model is the well-defined product and the possibility for customers to experience the value of the product before paying a cent. Saying this, also Patternsfrom Agency will provide the possibility to test our service for free, and later on, upgrade the plan to a more suitable one.

Pattern design as a service -concept is suitable for home and fashion textile manufacturers and brands alike

As one of the first steps in the process, we wish to engage companies, including you, in the process. At this point we wish to know more about your needs from an outsourced pattern designer, and we collect this information through a short and easy questionary that you can fill in anonymously. Filling the questionary up takes about one minute. We wish to have as many replies as possible!

Later on we will conduct some interviews with selected companies. Some of them will have the honor to be the first ones to really test the concept. Imagine being among those very first ones, who pay for the patterns based on the validated value that they generate!

Patternsfrom Agency’s aim is to avoid waste in the textile ecosystem. With the Pattern design as a service -concept we are able to avoid unnecessary production or overstock, as we want to contribute to sustainability in the textile industry in the ways that we can.

If you wish to sign up to be among the first ones to test the Pattern design as a service -concept, please let us know!