Pattern design collection for 2023 and beyond launched

Published: 10/02/2023

Patternsfrom Agency’s pattern design collection for 2023 and beyond was launched during Finnish Architecture and Design Days, on Feb. 3rd. The collection consists of classy, lovely, and whimsical pattern design repeats in respective concepts. These patterns can be used on various surfaces, such as wallpaper, bedding, curtain, or children’s interiors.

The first one to be presented is our classy concept where you can find simplified, sophisticated patterns with graphic motifs and more. This year it is called…


Nubilum is Latin and means cloudy sky. It is a light and airy concept with colors that take inspiration from the sky at different times of day and in varying weather conditions. The sky has been there forever and forever it gives us reasons for wonder and joy. Rain, fog, clouds, sunrise, and sunset give color inspiration for this pattern concept.

Nubilum Natura is about the Nordic forest leaves, branches, and flowers as well as animals. Nubilum Abstracts have a hand-made feel with shapes that feel more hand-drawn than with a ruler. They are organically shaped or geometric or combining both. Square and rectangular shapes, as well as natural stone, wind, and clouds, shape these abstract motifs.

The second is a lovely concept, where you can find all there is to it: soft colors, delicate flowers, sweet things, and more. It is called…


Circo Nostalgico is a twist on last year’s concept Bohemian Garden. It is things that are exotic, and lovely but peculiar. It is about tiny flowers and huge flowers that are found in the garden, such as roses, dahlia, and lilies, about exotic animals, and strong but worn colors. Inspirational materials are silk, velvet, linen, and cotton. On the other hand, it can be really delicate and almost white like a tutu of a ropedancer or a pierrot clown’s powdered cheek and fluffy pompoms. 

Circo Nostaligico Florals remind you of the romantic caravan interior of a circus troupe with its flowers and cute animals. Circo Nostalgico Abstracts vary the classical circus geometrics in a new way. Can you already hear the echo of the hurdy-gurdy? Open the tent door and step in.

The last concept is whimsical with wild and quirky patterns, exciting colors, funny characters, and much more.


Rabbit hole takes you to the fantasy land. When you go through the rabbit hole you find a place where everything is possible and there are no rules.

The Rabbit hole concept can take a more classical perspective and scoop up inspiration from Salvador Dali’s work, Alice in Wonderland -book or 70’s psychedelic rock bands such as Pink Floyd or Jefferson Airplane. The rabbit hole is a fun and exciting place, not at all a scary one.

Rabbit hole Juicy is about delicious fruits and extraordinary florals. Rabbit hole Wild is bold geometrics.