Pattern design trends: Classy

Published: 29/10/2019

For the past three years Patternsfrom Agency has been guiding its designers with pattern and color concepts. We have divided the patterns into three concepts: Classy, Lovely and Whimsical. Each one of them has their own design story, mood board and color pallette. We update the material about once a year for keeping up with the design trends. Even though we have been sharing with you information about our three concepts already before, we thought it is time to take a bit closer look at them again.

So, we begin with the Classy-one. It is suitable for customers who are looking for classical, timeless Scandinavian style. The concept offers simplified, sophisticated patterns with graphic motifs and more, which are always on the top of the design trends.

In 2019 the concept for designing classical Scandinavian patterns was called Permafrost. The concept finds its inspiration from Nordic wintry nature, tundra, rocks and minerals. Colors are frosty and crystalline. You can find here motifs with rock shapes and landscapes, conifers, Nordic fauna and flora, graphic non-expressive patterns as well as gradients.

Nonodd Design Studio has designed Kuiskaus -pattern to this concept. Early winter days, fragile ice on the pond and cool northern color tones inspired this pattern. You can feel the peace when you see a landscape of beautiful white swans on a silent lake. When water in a small pond get frozen for the first time after Autumn, you know it is the end of the one season and the beginning of a new one.