Pattern design trends: Lovely

Published: 03/12/2019

Patternsfrom Agency has been guiding its designers with pattern and color concepts for the past three years. Our three concepts, Classy, Lovely and Whimsical, have their own design stories, mood boards and color pallettes. We update the material about once a year for keeping up with the pattern design trends.

So, after the Classy-one, let’s move to the Lovely concept. This concept is for people yearning for romance. Here you can find all there is to it: soft colors, delicate flowers, sweet things and more.

Let’s enter our Secret Garden! In 2020/21 the atmosphere of the Secret Garden pattern concept is green, lush and mystic. It reminds you of the writer F.H. Burnett’s world, old herbariums of the Swedish naturalist von Linné and paintings of the Finnish painter brothers von Wright, but on the other hand also from the magical world of Japanese anime. It is full of floral motifs and real and imaginary creatures, mushrooms and berries.

Mushrooms, with their imaginative shapes and sophisticated colors, are incredibly intriguing to our designer Maria Tolvanen. The inspiration for the Grib (“mushroom”) pattern came from the mushroom caps that color Russian forests in the autumn.

Cyclamen flower inspired Tiina Taivainen to make her Syklaami pattern. It is an elegant and noble flower and has a unique shape. Syklaami pattern refers to the richness of the plant and is made both by sharp line and transparent watercolor surface to be printed digitally.

Miira Zukale drew the Kukkapuu pattern in the wintertime when longing and waiting for summer. She was remembering the garden life with blossoming trees and berry bushes. In romantic patterns Kukkapuu you can see hand painted flowers, buds and leaves.