Pattern design trends: Whimsical

Published: 16/12/2019

Our two other pattern concepts, Classy and Lovely, have been introduced to you earlier. Now it is time to take a look at the Whimsical patterns and the last pattern trend of ours. This concept is perfect for people feeling adventurous. Here you can find wild and quirky patterns with exciting colors, funny characters and more.

In 2019 the concept is Bellevue Beach, one of the biggest sand beaches in Southern Finland. The pattern concept is about retro vacations, family holidays by a beach town with ice cream bars, swimming huts and caravans, warm summer evenings at discos and casinos. This beach could be anywhere: in Miami, Nice, Júrmala or in Hanko. Sand in the hair, salty lips, cold ice cream and roller skates are all that you need!

Tanja Kallio describes her pattern Weiwei: “A casual holiday on the beach inspired me to draw this geometric retro pattern. Hand-drawn and computer edited Weiwei pattern has vertical rhythm and mirrors the patterns of 50’s. It has elements of water and sand in it. Colors are pale like after a full summer of sun light.”

Noora Hattunen’s jewelry box inspired her to make the pattern Gem. “There are many different chains and gemstones in it”, she says.

“Hot summer days, sweet tastes and colors, and my favorite childhood T-shirt inspired me to draw this pattern with ice cream motifs. The pattern is drawn free-hand and highlights the simple marker lines.”, says Ilana Vähätupa about her Helle pattern fitting perfectly to this pattern trend.

Which one of the three pattern design trends fits your purposes? Let us know and pitch you all pattern designs in that trend!