Pattern designs with vintage feeling by Ilana Vähätupa

Published: 16/08/2023

Some time ago Ilana Vähätupa found old clothes and home textiles in the attic of an old villa. They inspired her to design a pattern family called ‘Huvila’ consisting of pattern designs with vintage feeling. The lacy and striped patterns and their colors drew a background for the pattern family´s colorways and lined elements. All the patterns were originally sketched by painting with watercolors and Ilana’s favorite brush.

The smell of summer flowers and the colors of summer days you can feel when looking at old photographs are present in Ilana Vähätupa’s ‘Suvi’ pattern. The clay-colored pattern in the middle of the fabric mock-up is called ‘Mirjam’ and it is inspired by collected herbs hung up to dry, and old silk-screen printed fabrics. Both of these patterns take their simplicity from the idea of hand-printed fabrics and they have a relaxed and rhythmic surface.

The third pattern is ‘Pitsikäs’ and it imitates self-made lace fabrics and needle-works with their characteristic hand-made looks.

This pattern family is especially suitable for clothing but works well also in other products such as bedding and smaller home textile items. Would you like to use these pattern designs with a vintage feeling for your upcoming collection?  Our pricing is based on annual licensing fees that vary between 200-450 euros depending on the geographical area you will use the pattern in, as well as the number of product groups where the pattern design will be used. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!