Pattern family – a miniature collection

Published: 10/08/2022

Textile designers at Patternsfrom Agency design not only single patterns but also pattern families in Scandinavian style. A pattern family is a combination of several patterns matching their themes, mood, and colors. It generally has one main pattern, followed by two or more supporting patterns. Each pattern has two to three colorways that ideally are all combinable with each other. The patterns and their colorways are great as such, each individually, but as a pattern family, they create combinations that are visually very effective for retail as they collect the attention of consumers who see them. In the end, this leads to increased sales. As a reference how it could work we have illustrated this article with Tiina Taivainen‘s pattern family ‘May’ with its all colorways, to present how to mix and match.

You can see almost 30 different pattern families in the unique Nordic patterns -section of our homepage. Each designer designs a set of three patterns for one of our concepts – classy, lovely, and whimsical. Can you recognize the difference in concepts by looking only at the patterns? Besides the open portfolio, we have a pattern library with over 1000 production-ready repeats in Scandinavian style.

In case you are unfamiliar with coordinating a coherent collection on your own, our pattern families offer you an easy start! You will receive the report in its original colorways as well as a story about the pattern family or the patterns individually. You will also receive the image and the bio of the designer which you are free to use in the marketing efforts of the final product. If need be, we are happy to help you out with the re-scaling or re-coloring tasks that you might face when preparing for the full-scale manufacturing phase.

Does this sound interesting to you? Book a session with us via Calendly or get in touch with us directly by sending us a message, and let’s discuss more!