Pattern novelties for kids and babies

Published: 09/07/2024

Each year at the beginning of the year, we begin our trend forecasting process and development of our new pattern design collection for the following year – at the moment for 2025/26. The first pattern novelties, for kids and babies, are out now! The design process is quite a straightforward one, however, creating a coherent collection of classics takes time. That is why we want to open the process a bit for you.

Trend forecasting is the base

The first step is to gather all information available about trends. We aim to have a long-lasting view of trends since sourcing good design can be challenging and expensive for companies. This way we don’t hold on to trends that pass quickly, but the ones that have chances to become classics. After collecting material about interior, fashion, pattern, and color trends we extract our three concepts with a Nordic style from the gathered info.

Three concepts for pattern designs

After trend forecasting, it is time to move on to the pattern design process. The patterns in each collection are divided into three concepts: calm and timeless classical patterns, romantic and cute lovely patterns, and lively and energetic whimsical patterns. For the upcoming collection, our concepts Classy, Lovely, and Whimsical are named “Rapakivi”, “Magpie’s Nest” and “Maze”. For now, we won’t reveal more about them, but you can see the first patterns of the “Rapakivi ” and  “Magpie’s Nest” on the webpage.

Mockups showing the pattern design on a product

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what a pattern looks like on a product, that is why we at Patternsfrom Agency are showing our pattern designs in mockups that are the most relevant for our current customers and are closest to the idea the designer has about the use of the pattern. If you would like to see the pattern on a product that is relevant to you, please get in touch! We would be happy to hear from you and see if the patterns could be placed on the relevant products for you.

Last but not least

Naturally, all patterns can be changed to meet your wishes: direction, scale, and even colors can be modified so that you will have a design data file that can be used in production right away. Besides these single ready-made pattern designs, we design patterns on commission as well as coordinate bigger collections. The fastest and easiest way to get to know us and our way of working is to try out our Creative pitch -service! See our comprehensive price list!