Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube!

Published: 19/09/2022

Are you interested to hear how Patternsfrom Agency operates? As Patternsfrom Agency is on Youtube, it is easier than ever to get to know us and our ways of working!

We have organized several webinars, and the outcomes have been published on Youtube. Sourcing pattern designs during Covid-19 and Cost-Efficient sourcing of unique pattern designs are in English and Fair pricing of pattern designs for designers and buyers in Finnish. Please read more detailed descriptions of the content on Youtube. Whichever you choose, the presentation begins with an introduction to Patternsfrom Agency’s way of working. In less than 30 minutes you will get a good introduction, or recap, of the most essential things about us.

Also, we organized webinars with guest speakers during Helsinki Design Week 2021. For celebrating their first anniversary, and as we did not produce anything specific for this year’s HDW, we open the links again for two weeks time for anyone to see the recordings.

In one of the recordings, we meet Mr. Ganesh Purohit of Port of Trust and Ms. Supreet Raju of Texilist. These two industry experts lead the viewers to and discuss the topic of Sustainable sourcing of textiles in India.

The second recording is a discussion session about topics related to pattern designers’ work. At the session, there are Teija Puranen from Finland, Joris Martens from Belgium, Tiina Taivainen from Finland, and Sachiko Imaizumi from andfika, Japan who tell about their work with patterns and pattern designing.

Enjoy watching our videos!