Patternsfrom Agency joins the ecosystem for developing sustainable bioproducts

Published: 22/02/2022

There is a lot of research going on in Finland what comes to developing sustainable bioproducts and the green transition in general. Within textiles, some of the innovations have already been, or are about to be, commercialized. Great samples are Spinnova and Infinited Fiber, both currently investing in new factories with the aim of producing sustainable textile fibres in the near future.

Sustainability is an issue that is taken seriously also at Patternsfrom Agency: our aim since day one has been to create timeless pattern designs, and use color combination that stand the test of time. Also, we have been able to consult our customers about the materials and customer preferences related to them – in a small scale, but anyway.

With textiles, Patternsfrom Agency operates closely with both hometextile and fashion brands as well as textile manufacturers, bringing in additional value with the extraordinary pattern designs. As design is not only about the looks, it was obvious that we would join the ExpandFibre R&D collaboration and ecosystem that accelerates developing sustainable bioproducts as soon as we heard about this initiative of Metsä Group and Fortum.

When you look at the other members of the ecosystem, you see not only major Finnish universities in the early stages of the value chain, but also engineering-led companies and brands operating with consumers. We are happy to provide those currently missing services in the ecosystem that are crucial when commercializing the innovations. Also, we are happy to bring in our networks whenever that is needed either within the ecosystem or at the brands’/manufacturers’ side at any point of the value chain.

The ecosystem has focus on several applications of sustainable bioproducts, not just textiles. Future will tell which ones of the innovations have commercial potential, as, as said, the greatest innovations are still very much in the research phase.