Pricing of the patterns

Published: 21/12/2016

There are plenty of patterns out there. It is possible to get one for your graduation party invitation card for a couple of euros, or license one for a gift wrapping paper for a bit more. Then there are companies like us asking several hundreds for a pattern.

As you might have noted, we have divided our patterns into four price categories.

Category A includes patterns with repeats of big size. These facinating patterns may have some special effects or twists in them, there may be elements in plenty of colors and on plenty of layers.

Category B has, most often, either a difficult report or plenty of elements on them.

Category C is for patterns that are with a couple of repeating elements on a simple report.

Category D is for small sized and simple patterns with one or two repeating elements, most often checks, dots, lines etc.

The other components effecting the pricing are things like the term of the use, the territory there the pattern will be used, products there the patterns will be used and perhaps as the most critical one, whether the pattern is exclusive or not.

With Patternsfrom Agency you will always get a pattern, which is ready for production. It is in repeat, and the colors are separated. Also, you will always get at least two colorways for any of the patterns.

Feel free to ask more!