Responsibility in design agency’s daily work

Published: 25/04/2020

April 20-26th is the week of Fashion Revolution. It is a good time to spend some time with issues related to responsibility in the design agency’s daily work.

Last week we participated in a webinar with responsibility as the topic. The Association for Finnish Work, which has given us permission to use the Design From Finland -mark for our pattern and collection design services, was the host for the webinar. It has certain criteria for its members, and one of them will be responsibility.

As you probably know, responsibility is oftentimes divided into three dimensions: environmental, economic, and social responsibility. The government in Finland is guiding businesses toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through legislation. That is why most of the companies feel very natural and obvious with the responsibility issues.

However, we want to highlight our actions as this topic has been guiding our work more than any other. Also, as we work globally, we assume not everybody is aware of the legislation in Finland.

From now on the work will be more structured, as we received plenty of new hands-on tools to tackle this quite an abstract topic. As the responsibility in the design agency’s daily work is continuous, we will post every once in a while about it. We will be tagging these responsibility-related posts with Responsibility-tag so that they are easier for you to find. If you are interested in knowing how other Finnish companies apply responsibility to their business, please follow #vastuullisuusteko.