Retro pattern designs with hippie-happy mood by Ammi Lahtinen

Published: 27/03/2023

The pattern family Pompom by designer Ammi Lahtinen consists of three retro pattern designs: a floral pattern Pompom and two abstracts named Hula and Karnevaali.

The first pattern called ‘Pompom’ got its name from the middle parts of the flowers that look like pompoms. It is a Nordic-styled classic, simple floral design with a retro, hippie-happy mood added to it. The original sketch is part of a sketchbook submitted to the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project, the world’s most extensive collection of artists’ and designers’ sketchbooks.

The second pattern ‘Hula’ is an abstract pattern with round shapes that follow hand-drawn lines instead of strict symmetry. This adds softness and playfulness to the feel of the pattern. The name of the pattern, Hula, comes from the combination of the round shapes on the base and the loops (hoops) formed on the surface. The original sketch for the pattern is made with paper cutting.

The last pattern formed of horizontal and vertical lines is ‘Karnevaali’. A simple, yet strong abstract design based on a sketch made of woven paper strips. The pattern can be altered a lot with the number of colors used or by changing the scale.

This pattern family is especially suitable for bedding, bedroom wallcoverings, or other interior textiles and accessories. Would you like to use these retro pattern designs for your upcoming collection? Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!