Tanja Kallio – finalist of Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards 2019

Published: 14/12/2019

One part of design agent’s work is to keep eyes open for design competitions suitable for the designer clients. This summer we spotted Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards that was going on in Japan.

Tanja Kallio participated the competition for the first time. Out of the total 444 entries, her work Helmiäinen was chosen to the shortlist of the competition! Helmiäinen has been displayed at Sangetsu Shinagawa Showroom in Tokyo among the winners and finalists.

Tanja describes Helmiäinen-pattern and its use: “Pearls are falling down from above as curvy and playful ribbons. I designed the pattern especially for high spaces and corridors for giving nice rhythm and details to empty walls. Hoever it is also a detailed print inviting to have a look from close distance. Metal ink gives a final lively touch when you walk past or light hits the wallpaper. “Helmiäinen” (in English “pearly”) pattern looks good on both stylish dark backgrounds (choice of entry design) or with an airy, light background. Which ever is in use, the pattern itself should be in shiny, metal color.”

We are happy to provide our customers first class service what comes to surface and textile designing. Besides of the ready made collection, we do design on commission as well, as the Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards -competition proofs. Please get in touch no matter if you need a single pattern, support for choosing the colors or materials, or coordination of an entire collection.